Friday, October 19, 2018

The Old Mermaids School of Everything & The Old Mermaids Mystery School

Go here for more details on The Old Mermaids School of Everything (TOMSOE).

Go here for more details on The (Second) Old Mermaids Mystery School (TOMMS).

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Sunday, October 7, 2018

The Old Mermaids School of Everything: Enrollment Open!

Magic, mystery, and mermaids: Just what we need to navigate these turbulent times. Toss in beauty and inspiration, and we have The Old Mermaids School of Everything beginning February 1, 2019.

When the Old Sea dried up and the Old Mermaids found themselves in the New Desert, they had to quickly figure out how to live in a new world. They exchanged their finware for skinware and learned a few things along the way. Now they bring their wisdom and knowledge to you in The Old Mermaids School of Everything, a year-long, four-course exploration of creativity, folkways, healing, dreams, and magic with 13 teachings from each school. The teachings of the Old Mermaids help us imagine and build a new world.

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Friday, October 5, 2018

The Old Mermaid Mystery School Begins Again February 1, 2019

Are you feeling overloaded? Surrounded by chaos? Or maybe you’re no longer sure what your purpose is. Perhaps you’ve never known. Perhaps every once in a while you hear a whisper or a heartbeat—something—and you’re certain there is more to...everything. Maybe you’ve heard of the Church of the Old Mermaids and the Old Mermaids Sanctuary and you wonder if you could find refuge with the Old Mermaids and learn their ways.

You can.

Now their unique, practical, mystical, and poetic ways of being in and connecting with the world have been codified into The Old Mermaids Mystery School, a 13-month self-directed program to help you explore ways to swim, walk, and dance with beauty, joy, and authenticity through all the days and nights of your life. 

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