Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Blue Tail

I am thrilled to announce the publication of my new novel The Blue Tail.

(By the way, Green Snake Publishing has reduced the price of all print editions of my novels published by GSP through January 2012.)

Here's the cover blurb for The Blue Tail:

Serena Blue has heard stories of the Old Mermaids all of her life, and she’s tired of them and her mother’s eccentric life in Santa Fe. She struggles to find her own identity after her boyfriend Stephen beats her. Serena travels to Oregon with her mother and her grandmother where she meets Annie and Freeman who comb the beaches looking for signs of the Old Mermaids. Serena learns that her grandmother believes she was once a mermaid before Serena’s grandfather forced her to marry him; now she longs to go back to the sea. When Serena discovers her grandmother was once in a mental institution after drowning her baby son, Serena is sure her grandmother is still crazy. Family secrets begin to unravel, and Serena isn’t sure what is reality and what is delusion. When Stephen follows Serena to Oregon, she has to decide if she will embrace her true wild self or return to her old life. Can she choose herself over her boyfriend before it’s too late?


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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kyle's War

Mario Milosevic's provocative new teen novel, Kyle's War, is now available in print and for e-readers! Mario always has a fresh perspective on just about everything; this time he tackles the effects of government repression on a young boy:

In a near-future America plagued by fear and repression, a young man must choose between violence and hope.

Kyle lives a typical teen’s life in Cedar Falls, Washington, with his Canadian expatriate parents who commit their lives to free expression. After Kyle’s parents display paintings at their art gallery that depict the president as a terrorist and mass murderer, the feds shut down the gallery and brutally arrest Kyle’s parents for subversive activities.

Kyle’s life spins out of control. How will he survive without his parents? He tracks his days in various notebooks, grasping for some way to understand his crumbling world.

Meanwhile, the president lowers the draft age to sixteen. Teens all over the country will soon be dodging bullets in the Middle East where Chinese and American soldiers regularly exchange shots and mortar fire in skirmishes over the region’s natural resources. Kyle needs to learn to fight and defend himself or he will die.

He receives a smuggled message from his mother instructing him to go to north. A secret network helps him escape to Canada where he soon discovers his own family harbors a horrific and violent secret that will make Kyle question everything he thought he knew about loyalty, war, love, and peace.

You can find it on the Green Snake Publishing website or go right to the sources:


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