Sunday, September 12, 2021

The Old Mermaids Wisdom Cards & Guidebooks

"The Old Mermaids Wisdom Cards
are now available along with three different choices of guidebooks. I had wanted to do a tarot deck based on my novel Church of the Old Mermaids for years, but I finally realized the Old Mermaids needed their own unique deck that was not tied to any story but their own. The Old Mermaids Wisdom Cards combine my talents of storytelling and photography with the wisdom of the Old Ems. This is probably the favorite creative project I've ever done. I use these cards every day by asking 'What wisdom do I need?' and then pulling a card. It's always exactly what I needed to hear." —Kim Antieau

When the Old Mermaids washed ashore on the New Desert after the Old Sea dried up, they were strangers in a strange land, alone and unprepared. The Old Mermaids did not let that stop them from finding a way to survive and thrive in their new home. Now, in The Old Mermaids Wisdom Cards, the Old Ems reveal the secrets of living life to the fullest in 65 lush cards featuring Kim Antieau's stunning photographs. The Wisdom Cards do not predict the future or tell you the ultimate fate of your soul. Instead, use the cards to find your true self right now, your true purpose in the here and now, and how to live with a wild and generous heart for the benefit of yourself and your community. The Old Mermaids found their destiny in a new world and so can you. We've given links to Amazon for the books, but you can buy the e-book or print books from any bookstore.

To see all of the choices of The Old Mermaids Wisdom Cards, go here. You have a choice of a tarot sized deck, a round deck, and a mini deck (and you can get them with or without a tuck box and with or without a booklet (the round and tarot sized editions).

For the guidebook, you have four choices: an e-book edition, a compact edition, a black and white edition, and the color edition. You can go here and see all editions by clicking on "see all formats and editions" which is right above the price boxes.

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