Tuesday, June 3, 2008

May I Just Say...

OK. I've tried not to add to the Sturm and Dung. (Yes, the Sturm and Dung.) Who needs one more windbag? But I'm watching the coverage tonight. (After two hours of sleep in 48 hours—how do these candidates do it?) But I'm listening to some of the talking heads saying that they're hearing from people in the Clinton campaign that her speech was not more gracious, was not more conciliatory, because this was supposed to be her night. Not only that, but they were saying that Barack needs to reach out to Prez Clinton because his feelings are hurt.

Excuse me?

This is not about the Clinton. It is not about Barack Obama. This is about taking a step to save our country and our planet. Who cares if any of the Clintons got their feelings hurt? I am so tired of the Clintons. I can't even stand Bill Clinton's voice any more. I turn off the radio or TV when I hear his voice, just like I do with Bush.

I wanted a woman prez. Probably no one on the planet wanted a woman prez more than I did. But the Clintons are old school politics, bad politics, politics that have screwed up our country, and I didn't like the way she ran her campaign. They act as though they are entitled to the nomination.

That ain't so.

As I've mentioned before, I've seen lots of sexism during this campaign, mostly men talking about how Clinton looks, making comments about her sexuality. Disgusting. Pissed me off. But I don't think she lost the nomination because of this sexism. I think she proved Americans are ready for a woman leader. (I never had any doubt.) But we need a radical change. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were on the bottom of my list of people I wanted nominated. However, I listened to people who admired Obama and I looked at the issues. He and Clinton are very similar in what they want for our country, both far tooconservative for me. But Obama seems to be able to get people excited and up off their butts. And Clinton ran a dirty campaign, a campaign not about issues but about personal attacks. At least as far as I could tell. I recognize that I may not have the truth of the matter.

Anyway, time to get the sign up in the yard for Obama. Time to get to work.

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Anonymous said...

I am just a little sad even melancholy a bit that John Edwards has said he is not interested in the Vice President position. I had hoped to see him in that role.

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