Saturday, June 7, 2008

She Did It

Hillary Clinton just endorsed Barack Obama. She did it with class. She did it enthusiastically. She showed me she is still the woman I thought she was before this campaign began. She did what she had to do and she did it well. I was crying before she came up to the microphone, and I was crying during the entire speech.

I've wanted a woman president for my whole life. I don't like to use this line very often, can't understand what it's like. I mean, last night on Jay Leno they did jokes about Clinton doing a lap dance for Obama. I watched a movie yesterday where the hero said he was "doing a piece for Vanity Fair." (They're related because they're both about trying to humiliate and demean women by sexual innuendo.) When I look at our politicians, they're almost always male. Women are 51% of the population in our country (I believe), but only 16 of our Senators out of 100 are women. I think there's about 74 women in the U.S. House of Representatives out of 435. People who believe sexism and misogyny no longer exist in our country are delusional.

Hillary Clinton showed it was possible for a woman to be president, to be thought of as the commander in chief by the American people. I honor her and what's she done. I wish I had seen more of this Hillary during the campaign. But let's go forward and see what's going to happen next. The most important thing is that McCain not be our next president.

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