Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ruby's First Big Review

Got my first big review for Ruby's Imagine and it's a good one from Kirkus Reviews. One of my teachers and mentors told Mario and me that we should never read reviews because you're never as good as they say you are and you're never as bad. I still read reviews, but I keep swearing I won't: Sometimes they are so hurtful! But I liked this one. I'll paste part of it in below. (I can't quote the entire thing because it's copyrighted.) Ruby's Imagine will be out in just a couple of weeks. Amazon says it's in stock. Not sure what that means if you order it. Maybe you can get it before I do!

Here's the excerpt: "Big Oak told Ruby Butterfly, who warned Ruby the Girl, about the Big Spin, a storm on its way to shake up the city of New Orleans and Ruby's life....Narrated in a lyrical voice that captures the rhythms of the Jazz City, this coming-of-age story manages to encompass not only the enormity of Hurricane Katrina, but the quiet struggle of one girl....Rebuilding her life and her city will not be easy, but Ruby's reaction to these difficulties is exceptional. Rich language and a unique perspective hint at the magic that exists just below the surface of everyday life."

Way to go, Ruby girl!


Anonymous said...

Way to go, Kim girl!! I'm so excited and happy for you. I remember when you thought Ruby would not be published . . . and now here both are. Can't wait to read it. xoxo

Kim Antieau said...

Thanks, Joanna! I LOVE this book. I love Ruby. And when I read it I think of Linda, which is nice.

Love, love, love!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere, Kim! Hoping at some point to hear your opinions of John Edwards (damn, I still like him!)...but that's another topic. Regarding the new book. I never thought I'd so enjoy adolescent fiction until I began reading yours! Congrats on the great review!

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