Saturday, August 9, 2008

When In Need

A friend of mine told me about an incident that happened between her, her horse, and a doe. She was on her horse in an open arena when a doe came into the arena. Her horse began trembling. (The horse was relatively young and inexperienced.) And the doe was strangely aggressive. In fact, she began to charge the horse. My friend could just imagine the body blow that was about to come; she knew how traumatized and (possibly) hurt the horse would be. My friend waved and shouted and still the doe charged.

Then my friend called out to her dog who was up by the house. "Jack!" she screamed. "Jack!" And Jack, who is nine years old and blind in one eye with tumors all over his belly, came racing toward them. He was full of vim and vigor again, barking and growling, and he herded the doe right out of the arena. (He's part Husky and Border Collie.) All was well. She saw the doe the next day, by the way, with two tiny fawns, and the doe was "as peaceful as can be."

A couple nights after my friend told me this tale, I dreamed I was walking down a snowy country road by myself. There was snow everywhere and the house was far away. Across the field, I saw a line of dogs, maybe some wolves and bears. They saw me and they were all charging toward me. I knew I couldn't run and get away. I didn't know what to do. So I screamed, "Coyote! Coyote!" And Coyote came running toward me and the dogs, wolves, and/or bears veered away from me. Coyote had saved me. I rubbed his head and hugged him. All was well with my world.

Isn't it great when you call for help and it comes, either in ordinary reality or non-ordinary reality?

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