Friday, September 5, 2008

Stark Differences

I want to be optimistic, but some mornings it is difficult. I'm not watching the news. (My acupuncturist instructed me in no uncertain terms not to watch the news, to meditate, relax.) Last night I went to our Healers Circle, and it was great to be with like-minded people. We drummed (and the dog howled), did healing exercises (which we could later use with clients), and then did healing on one another. We gazed at black-eyed Susans, listened to running water, petted the border collie named Belle, and watched the sun splash pink up across the sky. Ahhhh.

And then last night I dreamed John McCain was sitting at my kitchen table. I wanted to talk to him reasonably, to engage him, to appeal to his better nature. I knew I'd never vote for him no matter what, but what if he won? So I said to him something like, "If you get into office will you work with people, will you show compassion for people?" He looked at me and said, "But you know I'm the law and order candidate." I sighed. That meant no, he wasn't going to be compassionate. Then I tried to figure out how to ask him not to let "that whackjob Palin do anything." I didn't want to say it that way, so I was trying to chose my words. I don't remember what I finally said, but I woke up feeling sad and disappointed.

Then I heard this morning that during Guiliani's speech, the crowd began chanting, "Drill, baby, drill." (Inspired by another speech made by some guy name Steele.) Can you imagine? I almost threw-up when I heard that. (It reminds me of the days I called them all Repulsicans.) This kind of chant highlights the stark difference between them and us. Although I'd like to highlight how we are alike, this morning I can only see the differences. Where we want to protect and restore, they want to exploit and destroy. ("Drill, baby, drill.") Where we want peace, they want war. ("Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.") Where we believe in privacy and the constitution, they want to end a woman's right to choose, they condone torture, and they pass legislation to make it "legal" to spy on American citizens. We believe in responsible government that provides healthcare and protection, they say they're against "big government" but they get into office and into debt. (Remember Clinton balanced the budget; now the U.S. is in serious debt. And when Sarah Palin took office in her little town, they had zero debt. When she left, they were millions of dollar in debt.) And, at least for me, "country first" is not my slogan. My family and the people I love are first. Period.


I'm going to go out and lay on the Earth. Then I'm going to get back up and work for the place, people, and planet I love.

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Mist said...

I too heard the "drill" chant, and my heart just stopped. It makes it all the more unnerving when the convention was introducing Sarah Palin... FROM ALASKA.

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