Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's Really Good...

It's a good thing that I'm going away soon. All this hateful spewing by the right is driving me crazy. So crazy I'm not even articulate. I'm in a constant state of OMG!!!!! After the acupuncturist today, I had Mario take me to the grotto in Portland. I thought this tranquil place might...tranquil me up. We went up to the meditation chapel on top of the grotto. We looked out at Mount St. Helens and watched airplanes land at the nearby airport. Ahhhh.

We stopped in at the empty church for a few minutes afterward and then we started to drive home and were faced with a horrific anti-Obama billboard, probably on the same property as the grotto. (It's a Catholic Church.) It was a photograph of a part of a fetus. I won't describe it any more in case you're very visual like me. Written on it was "This is Obamanation." I almost threw-up. I remembered when I was in high school walking through the mall and seeing these huge blow-up photographs of aborted fetuses. I had no understanding of what I was looking at, and it just made me despise the people who could take such photographs and blow them up and make partitions out of them.

Today I felt hate and disgust for the people who put up that sign. I don't like feeling hate. I can see how one begins to think of other people as the "other." Anyone who could do something like that seems like the other to me, seems like a psychopath.


So for the next few days, I intend to try to stay away from any news of those other people until I stop thinking of them as them. I will hang out with the wild things.

And then I'll go for my last weekend in my two-year Celtic Shamanism training. A group of us are determined that we are going to have a joyful time this session. The last two sessions have been just a wee bit depressing. Maybe we can dance up a healed world too. At the very least, I will be with people I love, people who talk to the trees, bees, wind, sun, moon, and other visibles and invisibles.

May You Dance in Beauty!

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