Monday, October 27, 2008

Just Because...

So I'm back. Lots to say. I'll tell you about my weekend later. First I shall blather about current events. The best quote I've heard lately is, "Just because Republicans don't like it, doesn't mean it's socialism." Said by my husband, Mario Milosevic. He is the dude and the dude abides.

While I was gone I had no TV, phone, or radio. But I drove home one night at 3:00 a.m. so I could sleep for two hours, eat some of my own food, drink my own water, and take some Tylenol. (To understand this, you'd have to be me.)

Redistribution of wealth: Hey, clueless, taxes are all about redistributing the wealth. Do you want to go back to the times (when we were part of Momma England) where only the rich had good roads, decent medical care, good education, etc.? Well then, shut the ef up about redistribution of wealth being socialism. (I do so wish we were socialists, you commie bastards.)

I kid the bastards. And the commies.

Girl who claimed an Obama supporter carved a "b" in her cheek. I heard that this weekend, didn't even listen to the end of the story, and I shouted to the car in the dark driving toward home, "That's a lie. She did it herself." Which she did indeededly do. I didn't even know the "b" was backwards. Seems like some news reporter should have noticed that before it became a major news story.

The RNC spent $150,000 on clothes, hair and make-up for Sarah Palin. This just reinforces how sexist they are in their heart of hearts and how stupid they think the American public is. Let's just dress up this woman like a Barbie doll and no one will notice how stupid she is. (And how can someone spend that kind of money in such a short time on clothes?)

And so now some McCain aides are calling Palin a "diva." That just pisses me off, baby dolls. This again points to their deep sexism. I wonder if these are the same aides who thought it was a good idea to dress her up in the first place? Or to actually put her on the ticket?

And Alaskan Senator Stevens was just found guilty of corruption. Far out! (I'm channeling the sixties tonight.) That's one down. Let's keep going. (See, liberals, especially pinko liberals like me, want justice, not violence. We want real criminals put in jail.)

What else? Oh yeah, baseball players just spit way too much. It can't be healthy. And it's freaking gross.

Later, gators.


Kim Antieau said...

This is what I get for having a superior than them attitude. Just heard (via Olbermann) about some guy hanging a dummy of Palin and burning a dummy of McCain. That smacks of violence too. I couldn't find a link, but I saw a photo on Countdown.

Stephanie said...

Oooohhh, mannn.... I am going to be SO glad when the whole thing's over. And nobody's started a Socialist Libertarian Party for me to join either! Since they haven't, there's no hope for it. I'll be voting for a Democrat for president for the first time in my life. I'm sorry to say it, but "Maverick" is a little too close to "loose cannon" for my taste.

gb said...

When asked by the great lord how he (the great lord) could find honest ministers, Confucius said, "Be honest yourself." He was not taken on as an adviser of the great lord.

Things haven't changed much in the last 2500 years.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, stupidity, hate and bigotry are spread equally across the political spectrum. But so are the responsible search for truth and meaning, love and community.
But, I gotta ask: If you're proud of being socialist, why cringe at having the moniker applied to your candidate? Though I don't believe Obama proposes other major tenents of socialism, he does indeed propose a redistribution of wealth -- which was a major tenent of socialism last time I checked. Though I know there are lots of hard working or down on their luck folks out there who need help -- and I contribute plenty in time and money to help them -- justice and equality doesn't mean milking the successful dry while others contribute little to society. Those same 10% "elite" that Obama decries as "getting another McCain tax break" pay 70% of the taxes in this country. You and I and others already live off those folks. They should be respected and appreciated for what they do for this country not denigrated because they're still not doing enough for those who think it unfair that anyone has more than they do. One can redistribute the wealth without using the rhetoric of class warfare in the process, don't you agree? Susan Hussein Brown might also be a Plumber. :)

BTW, I haven't heard a lot of discussion -- make that any discussion -- about what Hillary, Bill and Chelsea spent on campaign clothes last year. Hmmm. Maybe the Palin's needed assistance to compete with the personal wealth of other politicians. It's an obscene amount of money for anyone to spend on clothes, but not much out of the norm for candidates. Obama pays $1,600 per suit and bought four in the last few months. Do we think those were the first for this campaign and that he rotates between them? How many folks could we feed for the cost of a suit? Now there's some wealth that could be redistributed. But seriously, talk about not focusing on the issues, sweetie.
Your mind and heart are better than this. Keep focusing on that stuff that really matters; though I don't always agree with you, I always respect you when you shine a laser on the issues and not on the slime.

Kim Antieau said...

First, Susan, sign your comments! I almost didn't publish it because you didn't sign it.

Secondly, I normally don't publish comments that just sound like talking points, but since I know you, I'm assuming you actually believe these things and are not just trying to poke a stick at me.

About the clothes: It would be obscene if any candidate spent that much money on clothes in a month or more. Any time, really. I haven't spent that much on clothes my entire life. Mario and I together would have to work at least four years to even make that much. It does matter because they keep saying she's a regular hockey mom who shops at Wal-Mart and we're the icky elite who don't understand small town people. I live in a small town. There ain't anyone here who spends $150,000 on clothes. It matters because I do believe the truth matters.

Class warfare: You are the only one who sounds like they're pumping up class warfare. I keep hearing the conservatives talk about class warfare. Isn't saying that poor people don't contribute class warfare? I'd say the working class of this country do more to "contribute" than any CEO of some major country who is milking the company dry while taking home MILLIONS of dollars, while pensions disappear, jobs go overseas, and the working people of this country end up on the street. So don't talk to me about "us" starting class warfare.

Socialism: I never said I was a socialist, and again truth matters, so they shouldn't be calling Obama a socialist. Saying that Obama is a socialist because he talks about "redistributing the wealth" is like saying a person is a communist because they talk about creating community. Give me a break! You know as well as I do that they're calling him a socialist because they're trying to raise that old tired flag of communism. Socialism and communism are two different things. And most "isms" have problems.

I think Obama is saying we're all part of a community and we should work together as a community. When he talks about redistributing the wealth, he is talking about taxes; taxes are about redistributing the wealth. And yes, people who have more money should pay more taxes. It's not a punishment. It is an obligation. Personally, I don't think individuals should have to pay taxes at all. Although I need to do more research on it, I think businesses should have to pay taxes and income taxes for individuals should go away. But in the meantime, let's be fair.

And Warren Buffett, the richest man in the world, happens to agree with Senator Obama.

I'm better than what? I talk about whatever comes into my leetle brain.

I haven't even started on the voting machines.

Oh, and one more thing. I don't think the Obama campaign or the Dems have been slimy. They have stuck to the issues. On one show the talking head was trying to get a Dem to talk about the clothes (which you think isn't an issue) and he wouldn't.

There are more important things than clothes, of course. Like the war. Like our economy. And the biggest issue of all which no one has been talking about enough: GLOBAL WARMING.

What I have seen McCain and the Reps do is race-bait, socialism-bait, and tax-and-spend bait. Those are all so tired and old arguments. I'm hoping lots of young people get out and vote, young people who are more open-minded than their parents, who haven't heard those old saws of tax-and-spend. (Which is so ridiculous given that Clinton balanced the budget and the Republicans for the last 8 years have gutted the treasury and this country and gotten us into more debt than ever.)

If Senator Obama wins, I hope the Republicans get behind him and don't start day one trying to tear him down, like they did with Clinton. (And no, you can't say that the Dems worked to tear down Bush. They went along with most of what he wanted, unfortunately. So if McCain gets in they'd probably do the same.)

Hasta la vista!

Anonymous said...

I will sign my post if you will tell me how to do it. Given the choice of Google/Blogger, Open ID (sounds bad to me), name/URL, or anonymous, I don't know what to choose that doesn't sacrifice my privacy. But, I'm new at this. Thought putting my name in the post was a good compromise.

You can talk about how much money people spend on clothing, if you think that's worth spending your time and energy on. But why just talk about one person instead of evaluating all the candidates clothing expenses? The latter smells more of mudslinging than an exploration of the candidates' values, no?
Didn't say "you" started the class warfare rhetoric. Just siad Obama was using it. I don't say that lower income people don't contribute to society -- work with dignity contributes to society. So does tax paying at any level. But equality means everyone must pay and everyone must contribute. That doesn't happen.
Coming from the military where people are charged different amounts for products and services depending on their rank and income, and having paid in the upper tax bands for years, I get that people who can afford to should contribute more so that others may have equal opportunity and enjoy the benefits of community. But, I also get that those who are paying more and have been paying more receive little gratitude for their "generousity;" and that anytime more money is needed -- or more votes need to be ginned up -- politicians talk about socking it to the 70% tax payers by increasing their taxes and reducing the responsibility of the majority to support their community too. Not the way I think it should work.
I respect Warren Buffett. He is an example of a person who doesn't vote on his pocket book. Nor do I. People should vote on taxes by what they think is just and right for the country. Not on how much more or how much less they as an individual will have to pay.
Thought I read something in your blog that said you were Socialist. Can't check now or I will lose my comment.
This is my last political comment before the election, as promised.
But do tell me what posting choice to select.

Anonymous said...

"I do so wish we were socialists, you commie bastards" I guess I thought this meant you were a socialist since you said you wished Dems were socialist -- or Americans were socialists, or whatever you meant. Or was this some of that sarcasm you don't usually like? I'm confused.
Anyway, peace and love.

Kim Antieau said...

As I've told you before, Susan, I think arguing online is pointless. I just get exhausted thinking of all the things I could say because I disagree with you so much. Generosity of the rich? What the hell does that mean? People generally get rich off the "generosity" of other people's labor!

I have nothing against people working hard and making money. Go for it. But I believe in community. I believe we all have responsibility for our communities. Some of us have more of an "ability to respond" than others, so we should do it.

But again, this blog isn't about arguing. It isn't about screaming at each other. Mostly it's about me writing about whatever I want. :-) Long comments are just so boring for most readers and difficult to follow.

And I think my friend Will might speculate that you and I disagree with each other so much on some of these issues because we are from different classes. I come from working class stock who had one parent who managed to go to college. You come from the upper classes. We just have very different experiences of how it is to live in the world, and we had different upbringing. We view the world differently. I think we should do what we did when we were college roommates: ignore the differences and concentrate on what we agree upon.

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