Monday, November 10, 2008

Another Kind of Hurricane

A couple of days ago, I was at the library commiserating with my fellow library employees, each of us wondering if we were going to be laid off, worrying about all those people who are going to get laid off, wondering how this is all going to turn out. And one of the women said, "Kim, remember Ruby." I didn't understand what she meant. I knew she had read Ruby's Imagine and loved it.

"This is just a different kind of hurricane," she said. I nodded. "You're right. We've got to stick together and support one another." Just like Ruby and her friends did. Of course, I'm not sure how we'd do that. We can't pay people's medical insurance. We can't pay their mortages. What does it really mean to support one another during these times?

I wonder if a ruby-colored butterfly warned me this big spin was comin' and I just didn't realize it. Maybe I was paying attention to the wrong signs and listening to the wrong experts. I've got to remember Ruby's vision. She saw the world as it was and imagined it as it could be. She walked in Beauty, dreamed in Beauty, loved in Beauty. I shall endeavor to do the same.

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