Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Was Young

I was young when George Dubya got into office. And then I got old. Tonight as I danced around the house singing, "Ding dong, Bush is gone, Bush is gone!" and as I leaned outside into the rain and yelled "Yeah!! Obama! Obama!" I felt young again. I feel hopeful that the sniping, the selfishness, and the aggression will give way to compassion and unity. We will imagine the world we want and then we will build it.


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Kim Antieau said...

So it took about an hour before the talking heads were talking about polls and people having doubts about Obama. Time to turn off the TV. I'm still giddy. Science!!! Science will be back in vogue. What a freakin' concept! We'll be able to do something about global warming. And wait, people will be hired based on their skills rather than their religious ideology. Yippee!!!! Dancing in the streets!!! Still playing Queen; this time it's We Are The Champions!

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