Monday, November 17, 2008

Soul Sisters and Brothers

Today we stood on the bridge that spans the place where we get our drinking water. From there, we gazed down into the rust-colored water and watched the salmon swim upstream. Watched them seemingly stay in place. Can you imagine the energy it takes to stay still against all that water pressure? They are profoundly beautiful. Movingly beautiful. Their blood-colored scales gleamed when they came up out of the water. Gleamed except in those places where the body had begun to decay. Had they spawned yet?

They swim, swim, swim toward home. These were wild salmon, every one one of them. No hatchery salmon these. How glorious to keep going no matter what. A bald eagle flew overhead looking for a meal. We counted seventeen salmon.

Later, we stood along the roadside and gazed at dozens of Tundra Swans. Cars raced by. I shuddered and watched the swans float on Franz Lake. And I listened to their soothing songs. How can I describe it? It sounds as if they are trying to calm down their children. Oooooh ooooooh. It's okay, it's okay. All will be well.

Thank you, sisters and brothers. I hear and understand you.

May You Fly in Beauty!

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