Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Big Three

OK, this is what I think: Congress should tell the Big Three to kiss Uncle Sam's ass. No bailout. No loan. I'm from Michigan. I was raised in Michigan. Two of my sisters depend on the auto industry for their income. Another sister had to move away from Michigan because the economy is so bad. Everyone I know back home has something to do with the auto industry, even if it's only peripherally. But this I will tell you: The boards and executives of the Big Three don't give a shit about their workers or their communities. They never have, at least not in my lifetime.

If they cared, they wouldn't have sent most of the jobs overseas. If they cared, they would have been innovative instead of building those jackass SUVs. We've known since the 1970's that the oil is running out. (Or if you don't believe that, we've known that getting oil would be problematic and I don't think anyone can argue with that.) These people have opposed nearly ever safety regulation and feature. They have lied about global warming. Oh man, I could go on and on. But I'm getting a headache just thinking about it.

Do I want the auto companies to go out of business? No. But we shouldn't give them money. (I mean, come on, look at the bank bailout, which I was also against. What has it helped?) I think the government should take the auto companies over and run them. Retro-fit these factories to put out automobiles that are good for the environment and people's pocketbooks. Those of you who are free-market advocates—we don't really have a free market system, but that's for another post—and think that taking over the auto companies smacks of socialism, why isn't giving them a bailout socialism? Hmmm?

Where's a Lee Iacocca when you need one? He wasn't perfect, but he was a thinker, an innovator. He wasn't (and isn't) an idealogue.

I've been listening to these auto-people on C-Span all day. I don't believe a word they're saying. Everything they're saying could be true, but they just sound like they're threatening us and Congress.

I am so waiting for a New New Deal.

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Linda Navroth said...

Right on, Sister Mermaid!!!!!

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