Saturday, December 20, 2008


It is 38 degrees outside. Brrrrr. Mario went and turned on the heat in the Quail House for me. I'll eat soon, and then we'll go our separate ways to work. I still don't know what I'll work on. Or even if I will work. Yesterday I started reading The Old Mermaid Sanctuary, the second novel in the Church of the Old Mermaids ouevre. It was good to be back with the Old Mermaids, but I've got some work to do. I've never done two books with the same characters and I spent the first chapter summing things up. Yuck. But I can easily fix that.

Yesterday I took some photographs of the desert. I have decided they need to be shown big, because this is big sky country. I can't show big here, so I'm going to use Furious Spinner as my photograph album. Go here to look at the photos and at the bottom of that post you can come back here.

Weren't those beautiful? It does a body good to see the sunshine, doesn't it?

I had more to say but those photographs lulled me into bliss, so I think I'll go eat breakfast and then go outside and see if any wild things are visiting. Yesterday we asked the wild things to come to the Old Mermaid Sanctuary. We are missing the javelinas, owls, and bobcat. I don't have to actually see them, but I want to know they are here, and I haven't even seen any of the tiny cloven hoofprints of the javelinas.

May You Walk in Sunshine!


Anonymous said...

Pictures are glorious; such beauty in nature and skill in your photography that enables us to see it.
I'm sorry your wildlife friends have not appeared. Did they use
a thouroughfare when the wash was blocked off?
Also very impressed with the whiteness of those sneakers next to the fairy slipper. Don't imagine that's a beauty that will last long...

Kitty said...

It could be a lot colder. You could be here in the Gorge. It's around 15 degrees (that's not counting the wind chill factor) and there's a blizzard going on.

I've been enjoying your blog ... I live in the house at the Landing you and Mario used to live in. (Googling is a good thing, plus a tip from the landlord. ;))

There is sparkly white everywhere right now ... totally enchanting. I'm looking forward to that sunshine again, though.


Kim Antieau said...

Thanks, Susan. And yes, the sneakers did not stay white! I hope it's warm when we get back home in a week.

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