Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I should do a FAQ page one of these years, especially for this question. But until I do that, I will probably keep repeating the answer to this question because I don't mind saying it again and again! Kind readers often ask me what they can do to help get the word out about my books.

There are three things anyone can do to help support their fave writers: 1. Buy a copy of their books, 2. Tell people about their books. Word of mouth is the best advertising in the world. 3. Ask your public library to purchase their books. If most libraries buy a title, then the author does all right. But sometimes for whatever reason—usually lack of promotion—a book will just disappear. Most public libraries got Broken Moon, for instance, but tonight I was looking around at various libraries around the country, and I was appalled that hardly any public libraries have Ruby's Imagine. It's a beautiful book, it got great reviews, but it's not selling. So feel ask your public library to buy Ruby's Imagine and Church of the Old Mermaids. (Because COTOM is not published by a major publisher, the odds are they won't get it, but you'll know you tried! ;-) You can make the requests in person or online.

These are some of the libraries I found tonight that don't have Ruby's Imagine: New York Public Library, Boston's libraries, D.C.'s, Alexandria's. Tucson Public doesn't have it! Scottsdale and Phoenix libraries don't have it. The list goes on. Detroit Public has it! Yeah! (Thanks, Ruth.) Multnomah County Public Library has it. (Thanks, Mar.) Seattle Public has it. (Thanks, everyone.)

So there you are.

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