Monday, January 5, 2009

At the Movies

We've been walking in the desert, visiting family, writing—and watching so many movies while we've been here. Tucson has lots of cheap movies, so we've been going to them. Plus, apparently in Arizona 65 year olds look like 50 year olds, so we've been getting in at the senior rate. Do I argue with them? No. They never ask. They just tell us how much money we owe and we pay it.

Anyway here are some quick reviews of the movies we've seen.

First let me say that I understand people put their hearts and souls into these movies, and I understand that. I'm a writer, after all. In all of these movies, the acting was fine. The productions were fine. If anything was flawed, it was usually the story. And in some cases the stories may or may not have been flawed, but I just didn't like the movie.

The Duchess
: It was so depressing I wanted to slit my wrists afterward. I mean it was beyond depressing. Based on a real life that was so unrelenting in its awfulness. I'm so thankful as a woman that I live in this century.

Nick & Nora's Playlist: Or some such title. First, a couple of gay guys get this hetero teenage girl to put on a pushup bra so that she can attract the hero of the story. Pulease. Way too much barfing and toilet stuff for my personal taste. Can't even think of it right now because it nauseates me. Hope the book was better.

The Day the Earth Stood Still
: Last time I'm going to a movie because Keanu Reeves is so cute. Hey, I didn't see the Matrix movies (beyond the first one), so I'm not sure why I went to see this one. Way too many special effects. And a really stupid story. Watch the original. It's fascist in nature, but still, a good story.

Slumdog Millionaire
: Loved this movie. Thought the first half was so fabulous that I forgave it for some of the second half. Wish the girl had more to do than just be saved. Beautiful, beautiful movie.

: Gray, dismal, and I'm so over Catholic angst. Saw it right after Slumdog Millionaire so it might be better than I think it is.

Frost/Nixon: Good. I often don't like Ron Howard movies (except Parenthood and Apollo 13), but I enjoyed this. Mario said the movie was too kind to Nixon, and in retrospect, I think he's right.

I've Loved You So Long: Excellent adult movie. (By that I mean a movie for adults.) I thought a bit of the ending was cheap, but the rest was superb. If you see it, make sure you look at the painting she's looking at in the museum called La Douleur. The reproductions on the computer are nothing compared to what they show on the screen. The agony of grief the woman is in is so compellingly painted. It just took my breath away.

The Secret Life of Bees: Thought the same thing about the movie as I did about the book. (I already said this in another post, I believe.) Too many bad things happen around the main character. I wouldn't want her anywhere near me: She was bad luck.

Valkyrie: Tonight was our Nazi night at the movies, I guess. We saw Valkyrie and The Reader. What would Hollywood do without the Nazis? We expected Valkyrie to be complete drek, but it wasn't. It was an interesting war/suspense movie. Apparently there were about 15 tries on Hitler's life, this one by the generals being the last. Man. How come they were so "efficient" at so many other things?

The Reader: And finally, the last one we saw. We didn't believe a single word of this movie. Not a syllable. If the book has the same plot, we wouldn't believe that either. Come on. First this woman sleeps with a 15 year old boy and has him read to her all summer. I might believe that. But then she's on trial for letting 200 people burn when she was a Nazi guard. She could save herself but she doesn't want to admit she can't read. Are you kidding me? That's not even the most implausible thing that happens. You can write about all kinds of implausible things, but you've got to make them seem real. The boy loving the woman seemed like it could be real. The rest...not so much.

So much for our nights at the movies. Time for sleep!

May You Dream in Technicolor Beauty!


Anonymous said...

Wow, you've been busy. Try Benjamin Button; it gets a little looong in places -- much like you might expect of a three hour movie based on a short story -- but if you can suspend your disbelief, it's charming and the acting is exceptional.
Went to Borders this weekend to buy Mario's short story, but they didn't have February on the shelves yet. Sigh. Also gave my last copy of COOM to a friend in hospital for breast cancer surgery. I think it (you) are just what she needs to begin the healing process. Let it be so.

Kim Antieau said...

Thanks, Susan! Yes, let it be so. xoxox

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