Monday, January 26, 2009

Rourke in The Wrestler

I'll try to write about this tomorrow, but I wanted to say I just saw an amazing performance. Mikey Rourke in The Wrestler was incredible. (All my adjectives are so inept and cliche.) It was hearbreaking. It was so true. The movie was good. I would quibble with a couple of things. (Like the scenes with Marasi Tomei dancing mostly naked seemed to go on too long.) But every other part of the movie seemed so real. I've known people like these people. And I understand how this man felt, how he couldn't seem to change his life because he had held on too long to something that wasn't working. For the last twenty minutes of the movie, I was sobbing. Both Mario and I were weeping. But enough for now. I also loved this Bruce Springsteen song (above). Man. How many of us in the "entertainment biz" can relate to the heart of this movie and this song.

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