Thursday, March 5, 2009

Overheard on the Internets

So picture this. Two people home after a very long day, some of it very stressful, some very emotional, some really nice. Man is picking up the hosue. Woman sits on couch and looks at the internets. Sees an article about the internets screwing up our attention spans. Woman says to man, "I don't have the ability to concentrate to read this. Read it for me and tell me what it says later."

Man mumbles. Woman copies the URL and sends this email to the man: "Have you read?"

Woman continues surfing. Man goes up and gets his computer and brings it down and sits opposite the woman in the living room. She gets an email. It's from the man. He is answering her email. She reads what he has written: "I haven't read the article yet, but I have read where researchers say people email each other instead of talking to each other. Even if they are in the same room. Can you imagine?"

She writes an email to him. He reads the email she has written: "I hadn't heard that. What kind of assholes do that?"

He laughs and looks up at her. "I have no words." And then he looks back down at his computer.

All work copyright © Kim Antieau 2008-.