Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rain, Sleet, Hail and Snow

We are waiting for the cats and dogs to start falling. I spent the entire day today creating a new website to go with the newsletters I'm sending out. I'm putting it on wordpress rather than blogger because wordpress has static pages, and I like that. BUT I like blogger so much better. At least for my brain. It's simpler, cleaner. I can easily change the html. So far the support seems to be pretty good at wordpress though. I'm not leaving this blog. I'm just creating a website for my local healing work, that's all. I've got a spot of vertigo, so I'm doing the work while curled up on the couch. After the Sturm und Dang of this week, doing this is a pleasant reprieve. We've got the movie Seabiscuit on in the background. I hope our economy doesn't get Depression bad. Geez. Earlier we watched Apollo 13. I am a geeky girl.

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