Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Take It Over

I've got the solution for what's happening at AIG: The gov needs to take it over. That's it. No more million dollar bonuses. In fact, no one at any of these businesses we're bailing out should get more than $100,000 a year, tops. (I'd like to say $50,000 a year, since that's still more than what we make in a year, but I'll say $100,000 just to be generous.) AND THAT'S IT. No bonuses. In fact, if you've run a business into the ground, why are you getting a bonus? I'd get fired. I wouldn't get a bonus. But then I work for a governmental agency that is legally obligated to account for every penny it spends. Sounds like a good idea for these companies we've bailed out.

What I still want to know is this: Why didn't Congress put all sorts of strings and restrictions on this money in the first place. They all keep saying they're shocked, they're shocked. I wasn't shocked. Not that AIG kept giving out bonuses. I was shocked that these politicians don't seem to learn. I think it's a cultural thing: the rich culture vs. the rest of us. So let's the Rest Of Us speak up and continue to take back our country and our world.

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unm00red said...

Part of the challenge is that the U.S. government really isn't in the position to be managing banks. Managing a bank well is a very specialized skill-set (as has been demonstrated in recent years by it's lack). Government simply doesn't have the appropriate staffing to manage whole-scale bank takeover.

I absolutely agree that we should have attached more restrictions on how the money could be used though.

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