Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Act of Terror Against Women

I agree with Starhawk: Dr. Tiller's murder was an act of terror. It is a continuation of the "terror" and misogyny that is a part of this culture and so many cultures around the world. (Case in point: The Taliban and conservative Christians: They want women covered and completely subservient to men.)

I have been appalled at the news coverage about Dr. Tiller. They call him an abortionist and talk about whether women have a right to abortion instead of talking about the MURDER of this man.

Starhawk writes: "On the day Dr. Tiller was murdered, Governer Schwarzenneger cut funding for the Healthy Families Act, a decision which will likely cost more children's lives than all the abortions Dr. Tiller ever performed. Yet no one is calling him a murderer.

"On the day Dr. Tiller was murdered, millions of refugees in Pakistan huddled in fear of American drone bombers. The graves of children in Iraq are still fresh: mothers in Gaza continue to weep over the hundreds of children murdered in the Israeli assault. Yet the 'right-to-life' movement is not agonizing over the blood that covers all our hands.

"On the day Dr. Tiller was murdered, uncounted children died from hunger, from lack of access to medical care, from contaminated water. Young boys were dragooned into service as child soldiers; young girls sold into sexual slavery. We could use a true right-to-life movement, one that would champion these children, one that would stand against the greed, the violence, the callousness, the cowardice that murders at a safe distance and kills by hoarding the means of life.

"Witches, Pagans, Goddess worshippers have no dogma, no central body that tells us what to believe or what decisions to make. But if there is one belief we all hold in common, it is this: that we are each our own moral and spiritual authority. From women's power to conceive, profound and sometimes painful choices arise, and we must be free to make those choice for ourselves. To deny women that right is to deny our most basic human agency."

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Cynthia said...

You know Kim, Dr Tiller's murder really kicked me in the gut. i haven't really been able to post about it because my emotions get in the way.
Thank you for your post about this act of terrorism.
i have been thinking a lot about women's health issues lately because i believe the reason congress is resistant to single-payor healthcare is because there will be all those "pro-lifers" who will jump all over the idea of using tax dollars to pay for abortions or for birth control. You can bet that they will try to deny coverage for drug users, smokers, fat people, venereal disease, etc.
But mostly they will use healthcare access as the next wave of blockades to reproductive health.
i know i need to contact the White House and congress about this but i have not yet got my 'talking points' together. But i will, count on it.
Love your blog, Kim and i hope to meet you one day. Perhaps i'll be able to attend one of your many events.

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