Thursday, July 16, 2009

Winding Down

Sitting on the couch watching an old Ghost Hunters while winding down for the day. I'm attending another three day workshop, only I get to come home at night. It is less expensive then the ones at Still Meadow, but we don't get to eat any of their amazing meals or walk any of the trails. Instead we had the white noise of traffic on 242nd Street to listen to all day and no place to walk during breaks. However, I love the church where we are and I appreciate that they let us do our strange workshops there without judgement.

I didn't bring enough food to this intensive workshop, and by midmorning I was a little sick and dizzy. I've been getting these kinds of trainings for years now, and none of these workshops are fun. They are all intense. They are all a lot of work. They are all uncomfortable. And eventually, they are all exhilarating, and I learn so much that I can bring back home and use to help clients. Someday I should write a book about it, except I don't think this work lends itself to words. It's all experiential. All difficult to explain to neophytes without sounding crazy. That's why I talk in such vague generalities here.

But wait, you all know I talk to faeries and trees and rocks. And the wind. The grass. I think it's strange not to do those things.

It's hot today. My husband just drove thirty minutes to the store to get me something to take to eat to the second day of the workshop tomorrow. He is a good man. I came home to a wonderful dinner: my gingered black beans, rice, Mario's steamed vegetables, and wild salmon. Not bad.

I thought I had more words, but I don't. I'm going to close my eyes and try to sleep.

May You Sleep in Beauty!

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