Sunday, December 27, 2009

Desert Dreamin'

I've written down my dream night last night in detail because it feels important to me. As usual, don't read on if other people's dreams bore you because this retelling would most likely drive you crazy! For me, this is a good place to document my dreams for later.

I dreamed I knew exactly what to say to hurt Mario. So I said it. I was very cruel. Later I was talking with Ingrid, woman who is going to teach a year long rune class (in waking life). She had all these dolls and some clothes, all made by her. They were extremely expensive. I thought she was gouging people.

She started yelling at my friend Jenine, trying to get her to buy something she said Jenine had taken home. I stood up to her and told her she had no right to talk to Jenine that way. She backed down. I had taken home one of her tops. It cost $1,800. I surreptitiously put it back. (I've been looking into taking a desert plant spirit medicine course but it costs $1,800, which I think is way too expensive.) In waking life, she's very kind; in this dream she was imperious. Despite all of this, I think I was still going to take the rune course from her.

Then I was preparing for a meeting with Ron Perlman, his wife, and his daughter. (Not his real life wife or real life daughter.) We had been in love back in his "Beast" days, but we had never done anything about it since we were married to other people. I hadn't seen him in years, and in the dream, I knew I hadn't seen him when my nose was so swollen and distorted because I felt so ugly. Now since I looked more "normal" I could see him. We drove to meet him. I saw him unloading something from his truck for his new store. I stopped to say hello but he ignored us, so I turned the car around.

Then I was helping with some kind of movie library before our meeting. They were going to make Ron a suit out of this fabric with brightly-colored squares. I thought it was awful. He wasn't sure. I held the fabric up to myself and they all saw how awful it was. I said, "Just go as you are. You look fine." He was wearing black slacks, a kind of dull gold shirt, and a brightly colored tie that clashed. I went up to him and said, "Just take off the tie," and I helped him do that.

Then we were in the park. His daughter was running. I was worried she'd fall in this dip in the ground. I picked her up and swung her around. Her eyes were amazingly black. I put her down. His wife was there somewhere and so was Mario. Ron sat in a chair (?) and I stood behind him and put my hands on his chest. He said, "I knew you would understand." (I don't know what that meant, but it was a deeply personable and affectionate moment.)

It was dark in the park. I sat on the grass and momentarily worried about ticks. Next to me was a tall grassy mound or hill. I looked up it. When I looked down I saw these tiny white flowers everywhere. I said, "Fairies." I saw something in the grass.

I reached down and picked up a black rosary. It was beautiful. The beads were made out of some kind of matte gem or material. The metal pieces had the signs of the zodiac on them. Also, the metal centerpiece (or maybe where the crucifix was supposed to be) was a mermaid, or at least a woman/goddess head with long flowing hair. I thought I should probably turn it in because it was so beautiful and someone would miss it, but I did want to keep it. There was more in the grass, maybe even rune pieces, but I woke up.


Cynthia said...

Hi Kim! i love reading other people's dreams.

You woke up because the gift of the beautiful black beads (much like the little girl's eyes?), the sign... was for you.

You wrote, "There was more in the grass, maybe even rune pieces, but I woke up."

"A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush".
"A gift in the hand is worth many in the grass"

Since the mermaid is you, your gift is you. Leave the runes in the grass because you are worth more.

i'm a long time reader of your blog and just wanted to give you my thoughts. Also, the first part of the dream seemed to me to be the kind of confusing stuff that happens in the transistion to vivid dreaming and to dreams with messages.

It's a bit presumptuous of me to interpret your dream so please excuse me. You are all you need to interpret your own dreams.... hehehe

Love you,

Kim Antieau said...

Hi Cynthia! I remember you. Thanks for the ideas. I shall mull them. (If I minded people interpreting my dreams, I shouldn't post them, so it's fine w/ me.) xoxo

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