Sunday, May 23, 2010

Am Lost

I'm watching the Lost finale, and I've never seen so many commmercials. They are really ruining the flow of the story. Bad form, people.

P.S. Somehow watched Lost in spite of the commercials and it was the dumbest ending of any show in history. It was exactly what many of us feared it was from the very first season. I suppose the point was suppose to be some of us take longer to let go. Well, after six years of this, I'm definitely letting go of Lost. Worst ever.

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Kim Antieau said...

Here are series that had great endings: Mary Tyler Moore, the second Bob Newhart show, and the absolutely best and most amazing one was probably St. Elsewhere. Anything more recent? Seinfeld was OK. MASH had a good and very fitting ending. Lost: not so much.

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