Saturday, May 22, 2010


I haven't written much about the oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico here. (I did on Facebook, but I've quit FB due to privacy concerns.)

I've been in such grief over it that I haven't known what to say. Or more importantly, I haven't known what to do. I encourage everyone to call the White House and your elected representatives and tell them this has gone on too long. It's been over a month. What's happening there is a crime. The administration has been naive, at the very least, for trusting BP to take care of this.

The best engineers in the world should have been called out right away to figure out how to fix it. Although, in truth, offshore drilling should never have been allowed UNLESS something like this wasn't possible. And it's always been possible, that's why people were against it. I keep hearing officials (BP and otherwise) keep up the mantra, "We never expected anything like this." They're either lying or they are so amazingly ignorant that they should all be fired.

Accidents happen. Someone gets into a car and the road is slippery and they crash. That is an accident. Someone is drunk and gets into a car with bad brakes and crashes into a group of people and injures and kills them. That is NOT an accident. That is a crime. What has happened in the Gulf is a crime and it continues to be a crime. Now let's put it on the books and clearly make it a crime.

I'm tired of amoral disconnected people running the world. The politicians and BP all keep talking about money. Money, money, money. Money got us into this mess. Greedy people not doing their jobs got us into this mess. Money isn't going to make this whole. The wetlands of Louisiana are dying, some are dead.

Wetlands are amazing ecosystems that filter water and can clean up many toxins on their own, as long as they are healthy and thriving. Being deluged with oily will kill them. Has killed many of them already.

I don't understand how or why the American people are still in the thrall of big business. I don't understand why the American people don't stand up and say enough. This should have never happened. But for some reason, the American people—maybe everyone on the planet–seem helpless and useless to stop these corporate behemoths.

We need a revolution. Now. A clear decisive revolution. Not to overthrow the government. But to overthrow the corporate fascism that now runs the country and the world. Only the people can do it.


Michele Grace said...

Kim I miss your voice on FB. I am heart-sick over it too. South Florida is in a state of emergency all the beaches, coastline authorities are on alert now. I keep transfiguring, I keep crying.

I moved to Naples Florida in 1971 when the sand met the tall pines. I love the Gulf waters, there is a gentleness like no other place. August 2005 I am in Naples to write, waking up looking out the window I heard the gulf waters say "it's time to go home." Within 30 minutes my husband called to say Tropical Storm Katrina formed practically overnight and was heading toward Lauderdale. We are all connected.

Just wanted to stop by and say hi.

Kim Antieau said...

I miss everyone on FB, too! It's difficult to stay away. Thanks for sharing your experience with Katrina. I keep calling the White House and writing and hoping they can fix it soon. Keep healing the beaches! We are all connected.

VQ said...

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