Thursday, December 1, 2011

Terri Windling Benefit

Check out this amazing benefit for writer, artist, and editor Terri Windling. Terri has had an influence on many writing careers, including my own. She has been incredibly supportive of my work and generous with her talent. There's a drawing of hers in my Counting on Wildflowers collection. She bought a story of mine for the Coyote Road anthology, and it's her mural (doctored by photography magic) which will be the cover art for my story collection Tales Fairy and Fabulous. She is the artist and designer behind the wonderful (and original) Old Mermaids Sanctuary where I go for a writing retreat every winter. (It goes by another name, but I call it the OMS.) It's a place that has saved my life and my sanity; in large part, this is due to Terri and her ability to create beauty wherever she goes.

And that's just what she's done for me. I'm a tiny grain of sand on a wonderful beach of writers and artists who have been touched by Terri and her talents. I've made an offering of my own for the auction which ends December 15. You can go here to find out more, but part of my offering is that I will write a short Old Mermaids tale for you.

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