Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Where Have I Been?

(Update at the end of this post.)

Yikes! I had no idea it had been so long since I posted anything here. Lots of things have been going on, but mostly I have been recovering from a bad bout of something. I'm hoping I'm on the other side of it. The good news is that my novel The Monster's Daughter will be out by the end of this month or early in June. The exquisite cover art is by my awesome and talented friend Michelle Hoffman. (In real life, the colors on both of these books are so rich and vibrant. I'm not sure why these jpgs are a bit washed out here. But I've seen the books. Fabulous!)

I'm also finishing up work on Under the Tucson Moon, a book of essays I wrote over nine winters in Arizona. (Here's the front and back cover; still have some adjusting to do.) This book should be available by the end of July. I'm very excited about both of these projects.

What else is up for me? Right now my goal is good health; anything else is gravy, so I'll let you know when the gravy is ready for prime time.

UPDATE: Under the Tucson Moon will be out in June and The Monster's Daughter will most likely be out in July.

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