Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Book Groups: 50% Discount

Get any of my books for 50% off the list price by being part of a book group: I'm offering a 50% discount (plus shipping) on any of my books purchased for use in book groups. (Five copy minimum per title.) This offer is good for any book group: ones that are already established or those you create by getting a group of your friends together just to read one of my books.

How it works: You tell me which titles and how many copies you want, I calculate the total plus shipping, and you pay me via paypal (or check). Email me at kim at kimantieau dot com or if you're a FB friend, FB message me.

Extras: And if you want, I'll answer any questions the group has about the book by email or skype with the group. I love talking about my books and hearing what readers have to say. 

Which book do you want? You can find out more about each title here and scroll down. (Click on "older posts" on the bottom to get the next page to see more titles or click on each title on the right hand side).

Pass it on!

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