Sunday, August 1, 2021

Magic, Myth, and Merrymaking: 13 Days of Yuletide the Old Mermaids Way

Happy Lughnasadh and Merry Lammas! Today marks the publication of our beautiful little book Magic, Myth, and Merrymaking: 13 Days of Yuletide the Old Mermaids Way. 

This is one of my favorite projects ever. It's gorgeous, and we had so much fun creating it. You get Old Em stories along with tips on how to celebrate and live the Old Mermaids ways plus Mario Milosevic wrote 13 poems for the book. 

From the back cover: "Join Kim Antieau and the Old Mermaids for their annual celebration of all things wild and marvelous with 13 days of beauty, meditations, recipes, creative prompts, myths, magic, and Old Mermaid tales. All designed to usher in the New Year with joy, creativity, and love. (This color edition is designed as a small beautiful gift for yourself, your family, and your friends: everyone in your life who appreciates beauty and celebration. A more economical black and white print edition is available as well as an ebook edition.)

It's available as an e-book, too, and there's also a black and white version. Just click on "see all formats and editions" to see it if you're on the color link.

P.S. Amazon is having trouble with its "view a sample" feature, by the way, but it should be fixed soon, we hope. And if you don't want to buy through Amazon, you can get it through any other e-book store or any indie bookstore via Ingram. The black and white version is more expensive through Ingram.

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