Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Broad

No, I'm not talking about going overseas. I'm talking about broads. I got a kick out of Meta Wagner's piece reposted on Alternet. She says there aren't any good broads left. Here's her list of broad qualities:

•Would never be caught speaking the words "that's hot."
•Doesn't own any pairs of Manolo Blahniks.
•Uses salty language, especially around men.
•Developed her brain and talents and flirtiness, in part because she couldn't coast on her looks alone.
•Doesn't watch her cholesterol or have her body mass index measured.
•Can probably be found right now in a back room somewhere playing poker and smoking cigars with the boys.
•Can kick your ass, and mine.
•Is not the librarian with glasses and her hair in a bun who then tosses her glasses and shakes out her hair to lure a man. She's the librarian. Period.
•She's not the superhero/martial arts heroine who beats the guy at his own game and then lets him "take" her. She's the one who beats the guy at his own game. Period.
•Knows who she is, and so no one would think of asking her to be something she's not.

I think I'm a broad. I fit most of these, except the bit about smoking a cigar with the boys. Of course, I can't hold a light to the likes of Molly Ivins or Mae West. Now they was some broads!

How about youse? Are you a broad or a limited?

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