Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tulip, Poppy & Coyote Whispers

Don't forget to check out the Old Mermaid Journal. I am planning on posting on it three or four times a week, knock wood. I posted something today. Since I will be posting there regularly, I won't always announce it here. Just thought I would today...

By the way, Happy Beltane, May Day, and everything else day. May your creations bear fruit. May you know love & happiness.

Dance around the maypole today—or at least around your backyard.

Blessed beeee.


Anonymous said...

I have owned a Yahoo group since 1999--very small group of Pagan wimmin. Recently I hot-linked Old Mermaids Journal on our homepage so everyone browsing through Yahoo groups (and those that belong to our enclave) can jump over and read the latest at the Journal. I love the journal so much our out side stray cat (who will not come inside though she has a standing invite) is named Ruby Rosarita Tuesday. Quite the rebel, refuses all manner of comforts though those are always offered. She needs a very tiny "shopping cart" and a bed roll.

Kim Antieau said...

How happy this makes me!

"She needs a very tiny 'shopping cart' and a bed roll."

I love it!!!



Anonymous said...

I also wanted to say that after doing some research on cat behavior when they yowl they are actually swearing so our Ruby Rosarita swares like a sailor and usually for only reasons she understands herself.

So just wondering since Old Mermaids Journal is a work in progress is there a mermaid among the group who is rather bawdy?

Kim Antieau said...

Yep. Sister Sheila Na Giggles Mermaid.

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