Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Everyone Wins!!!

Yeah!!! The free book giveaway has come to an end. Thanks to everyone for reading the interviews and to everyone who commented. I've decided to give everyone who commented one of my books. I have most of your email addresses, but Gypsy, Vancouver Gal, Robert, and Melissa need to email me because I don't have yours.

By the way, someone said that in one of the browsers, Jane's interview has some squares in them. I don't see them, so I can't take them out. Sorry about that. Macs don't have access to updated Internet Explorer, so I have no idea what it looks like on that. I looked at an old IE, and everything was in caps. I hope it's not like that on the newer versions.

Anyway, I did check the blog on three browsers and it looked good on all three, although the font was smaller on one of them. Did you know that in most browsers you can go up to "view" and increase the font size of any page from there? Very convenient for readers.

Okay! I'll start getting those books out to everyone.

More later, gators.


Anonymous said...

I am getting the hang of this new website. New posts don't automatically refresh/reload for me so I found the "newer posts" button at the bottom. For the past few days I was trying to just refresh and wondered why you weren't talking. Now I've got it. I loved the interviews. Such insightful questions and great dialogue. Thanks for pointing the way to some wonderful authors. And "everyone wins?" OMG My copy of Coyote Cowgirl lost it front cover and is so embarassingly dog-eared. That would be my choice! Just a replacement would be so lovely! I emailed you BTW

Anonymous said...

When I saw Jane's interview, it had question marks sprinkled throughout, so go figure! You can also increase the size of the font, well, everything on the page, by hitting control and + at the same time (or control and - to make it smaller) when you're viewing pages on the web.

Thanks for the book! I'm excited.

Kim Antieau said...

Really? When you refresh it doesn't refresh?!!! That's irritating. It refreshes on my browsers. I wonder what's up with that. Does anyone know if there's something I can do to fix that?

Kim Antieau said...

I forgot I am going away for 10 days so I won't be sending out the books until I come back! Sorry about that. It'll be something to look forward to! <3

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