Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Old Sea

I'm in the strange little place on the Oregon coast. I can hear them doing dishes downstairs in the restaurant kitchen. Every once in a while I hear something from the writing group down the hall. That's where Mario is. I'm sitting cross-legged on this tiny little bed. It'll be interesting to see how Mario and I manage to sleep on it together.

Perhaps we'll "curl together like two rings on a dark hand."

I will be with the Old Sea and the Old Mermaids this weekend, so I may not be posting much. After I hugged my sweetheart, I went down to the beach. Ahhhhh. I took a few pics.

Breathe, breathe, breathe...

Foam on the beach—I'd never seen so many colors in it before.



Isn't she beautiful?



Anonymous said...

Okay...I live on an island and can walk to the beach in about fifteen minutes (downhill...home takes me 40!) and you're still making me homesick for the Oregon coast. My husband, who is from the South thinks of the "beach" as white sands and girls in bikinis (Florida). I think of it as empty, sprawling, and cold...and one of my favorite places to be. I highly recommend standing towards the waves and shouting Shakespeare. It sounds good against the Oregon ocean.

James said...

I love the pics.

Makes me wish that I was able to make my trip to Assateagu Island (VA), I may see about going "Out of Season" or just try NEXT year.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kim,
Wish I were there with you, to celebrate the Old Sea. Thinking of you today on Mothers Day, thinking of our mothers, yours so recently gone and mine long ago. I talked to my baby granddaughter via web cam yesterday. The Wheel turns, does it not?

Kim Antieau said...

Yes, there is something so powerful about the ocean, isn't there? Although that's the wrong word. It's just very primal. Alive. Creative.

Go now, James, go now! :-)

Thanks, Joanna. Have a beautiful day. And the Wheel keeps on turning!


Anonymous said...

You paint it so well I can smell it, breath it, longing for something I've never known, that somehow home.


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