Thursday, May 8, 2008

This is Who You Want for Prez?

I can't believe she said this. Clinton says she should be the candidate because white people will vote for her. Pardon me? And she's got Harvey Weinstein twisting Nancy Pelosi's arm, threatening to stop donations to the Democratic party if she doesn't get them to do a revote in Michigan and Florida. (Another reason we need some kind of campaign finance legislation.) This is dirty stuff. It seems it's about winning at all costs.

If Clinton keeps bad-mouthing Obama, I'm afraid the Republicans will win, and then we'll have eight more years of Bush. I don't have to tell you what that means. So if you support Clinton, please call her and tell her you don't agree with her tactics. This is raw ambition at its worst. And even if it isn't raw ambition, even if they believe she would be the best candidate, is this how you think the campaign should go?

Here's another reason you don't want Clinton or McCain to be president. McCain believes in the president as monarch. I believe Clinton does as well. Since Reagan on (and in other cases before then), the executive branch has gotten stronger and stronger, helped along by a weak Congress. The three branches of government are supposed to be equal. Right now, all branches are failing.

Have you seen this writer, Glenn Greenwald? I'm interested in his book Great American Hypocrites: Toppling the Big Myths of Republican Politics. Mike Malloy was talking about him last night. Greenwald says that the Republicans figured out some elections back that they could never win on the real issues, so they decided that personal attacks and wedge issues paved the way to the White House and the Congress. And the media went right along with this.

They will try to do it again this election. We have to unite to make certain that doesn't happen, which means we all have to be truthtellers with our friends and relatives until the election. We don't have to demonize John McCain. Just give them the facts about what he's done and what he says he believes. Essentially, if McCain is elected it will be four (or eight) more years of Bush. Is this what anyone wants?

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