Monday, May 5, 2008

Viral Green

If you haven't read Michael Pollan's piece Why Bother, please bother. Global climate change should be our number one concern. I had the same reaction Pollan did when I saw Al Gore's movie: Where are the solutions? Michael Pollan's solution is to plant gardens. A form of multiplying smallness. What's your solution?


Anonymous said...

Just two years ago, before me moved here, people banded together and bought a centrally located farm that was for sale here on the island. They have turned it into the Gabriola Commons My husband has jumped in with both wellies and they are breaking ground on community gardens, a potato co-op, a garlic farm, an orchard, and all sorts of community type events. It's amazing and necessary. There is a senior garden and a children's garden and a food bank garden as well as individual plots.


Kim Antieau said...

Joelle, that looks soooo cool!!! I couldn't tell: Does everyone do organic and/or biodynamic so there are no pesticides used? It sounds like a wonderful place to live.

Anonymous said...

Entirely organic! No pesticides. Nothing but love and hard work!

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