Saturday, September 20, 2008

First Day of Christmas: Pamela Chillemi Jaeger


One of my dearest and oldest friends, Pam Chillemi Jaeger, has gotten her first book published. Yeah, Pammy! I'm so excited for her. It's a mystery series that begins with the First Day of Christmas. Isn't that a fabulous concept? I wish I had thought of it! I'm looking forward to reading it.

Pam and I met when she submitted a story to Daughters of Nyx: a magazine of Goddess stories, mythmaking, and fairy tales, which Mario and I were editing and publishing. I loved her writing and I soon loved her. We've been close friends since then even though we've never met in "real" life and we rarely talk on the phone! We even wrote a book together by writing each other letters over the course of a year, snail mail, back in the day before da internets. By hand, by the way. Pam wrote her letters by hand and then I typed them up. We never got the book published, but it was healing for us as we both tried to come to terms with chronic illness. It was called Tumbleweed Scriptures: a Year and a Day in the Healing Journey of Two Women.

Anyway, I wish her great success! She's a wonderful writer. And a cool mom. (Right, AJ? Hi, AJ!)

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swhiteart said...

I agree that is quite an intriguing concept! I will definitely check this book out!

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