Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rotten Apple

Well, the third rotten Apple in so many months. I had a new computer (used) for a few days, but it crashed and died. So I don't have a computer again. I was going to start a couple of new novels, but it ain't gonna happen now for a while. We'll see. I may have to go back writing on a yellow pad. Can't really afford to hire someone to type up my notes, though. So I'm trying to be easy with it, but my stress level right now because of a number of things is just a little bit too high. I need a beach somewhere. A beach for my brain. Talk atcha soon.


Kim Antieau said...

Fourth rotten Apple. My work computer just died. Isn't this odd?

the artist/scribe said...

Good grief, Sister Kim, the fourth rotten Apple? whatever happened to that much vaunted Mac quality and durability? This will not do - we have to find you a computer that works. Much love, Cate

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