Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Faery Goddessmother

So, baby dolls, guess what? A faery goddessmother sent me a card and a check to get myself a new computer!!! Can you imagine? So I've ordered a computer and should get one soon. We'll cross our fingers it won't make me sick. If it does, I'll send it back and get another. I am determined. Won't you be happy not to hear about my computer woes one more second?

This faery goddessmother has bestowed goodies on us before. She's always understood the work Mario and I do, and she likes what we do! In fact, she said Ruby's Imagine is her favorite book of mine so far, and she's read most of what I've written in the last twenty years. (She was one of the thirteen who got Church of the Old Mermaids when we printed them up a couple years ago.) She's one of my favorite peeps. I named a character after her in one of my books because I admire her so much. But I won't go on because I might embarrass her.

I am always touched by generosity. Aren't you?

Love, love, love!

Thank you, faery goddessmother!

More later, gators, when I get my new 'puter.

May You Generate in Beauty!

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Kevin said...

Isn't it great When Good Things Happen to Good People?

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