Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Am Kim Hussein Antieau

You've heard, no doubt, that some conservatives (hopefully very few) keep referring to Barack Obama as Barack Hussein Obama. Yes, it is his middle name, but you know that's not why they're using it. They are trying to appeal to...oh I don't bigots. So I say my middle name is Hussein, too. Okay, it's not quite up to the "I am Spartacus," but I does what I can. Take that, John Sidney McCain.

Care to join me, readers?


Anonymous said...

I Am Mario Hussein Milosevic.

Ruth King said...

Ruth Hussein King.

BrigidsBlest said...

I am Jennifer Hussein Lawrence.

And damned proud of it.

Mist said...

My name is Brandi Hussein Downs.

Anonymous said...

You make an excellent point. Using someone's name to appeal to bigots is dispicable. For that matter, appealing to bigots is dispicable. But you're painting with a very large brush; "the conservatives" are not doing this -- SOME conservatives are doing this. Others still have dignity and a respect for others.
Susan Hussein Brown is conservative too.

Kim Antieau said...

Susan Hussein Brown is correct. I changed it to "some" conservatives!


Kim Hussein Antieau

Cynthia said...

I am Cynthia Hussein Lincoln.


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