Saturday, October 4, 2008

Ruby's Debut

Hello all! Still don't have a computer I can use, but guess what? After a week without internet we now have internet again. It's interesting. But who cares about that? Today I had my first reading of Ruby's Imagine.

It was at the library. About twenty people showed up on this very rainy October day. We had a grand time. I talked, I read, I talked. I choked up a couple of times as I read it, especially when Ruby is talking about her imagine. She is a beautiful soul. If you haven't read it, I encourage you to do so. You will feel good, I believe, being with her. I am listening to her playlist as I write this.

It was great being in my town and at my library. It was great looking out at these people who have come to so many of my readings and who have supported me and my work. I was filled with love, love, love.

Mario and I had printed up about ten Church of the Old Mermaids to surprise everyone, and most of those got bought up. Now I have to decide if I’m just going to publish it myself so that anyone can buy it. That’s what I want. I want people to have access to the Old Mermaids. I reread COTOM and did a little copyediting. I loved it! Loved it. Sometimes I reread books that haven’t gotten published yet, and I understand why they haven’t gotten published. Not this one. I love it. It starts out quietly, slowly, and the story unfolds. It’s like opening a present with care. First you pull the ribbon out of its bow and you slip it off. Then you carefully push your nail under the tape to dislodge it. Then you unfold the wrapping paper. Not in a hurry because you understand the wrapping is part of the process of the gift.

Same with Church of the Old Mermaids.

It has the flavor of some of my favorite movies. It’s not like them, but it has that feeling I get when I watch them: Enchanted April, Chocolat, Under the Tuscan Sun, Shirley Valentine. What books is COTOM like? None that I know about.

Anyway, I still love it. It gave my heart such a boost to read it these past couple of days.

And Ruby’s Imagine? It’s difficult to imagine I wrote it. She’s so beautiful. After the reading a woman stopped on the staircase as she was leaving and she said, “You write so beautifully. The way you put words together is just so beautiful.” And she said more and she said it better than I can. (It's funny but when someone compliments me, it's difficult to stand there and take it. I'm glad for it, but I get shy or something. Many of us do not know how to take compliments.) But I was so moved and touched by what she said. I do want to keep writing in beauty.

I hope I start writing again. Not only start but keep writing. I’ve started so many novels lately and then I don’t go any further than the first chapter. (Or with I, Assassin, I couldn’t go any further than 150 pages.)

This week was the art show opening here in town. My sculpture was in it! Yeah! That was fun being there as an artist. I did that for about an hour. Then I hurried home, took off my little black cocktail dress, slipped on slacks and a shirt and drove in the pitch darkness out into the country for our monthly Healers Circle. We learned more about nonviolent communication, tai chi, and a new food co-op that might be starting up. And we sang. Did some healing work. Much fun.

OK. Time for some lunch.

Hope you’re all doing well! Hope to have a computer I can use soon. First we have to sell the one I bought that I can’t now use.

By the way, Embracing the Child has me as Author of the Month. And Sandra Ingerman mentions Coyote Cowgirl in her transmutation news. Thank you, thank you!

May You Create in Beauty!


Anonymous said...

I would love to purchase a printed copy of the Mermaids.

Please = pretty please :)

Kevin said...

Is it possible to get a sound clip of you reading an excerpt of Ruby's Imagine? I think that would be a real treat!

Kim Antieau said...

I'll try it, Kevin! EmergingCrone--ooh good. That's a first step. Someone wants to buy it!

Take care!

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