Thursday, May 27, 2010

Winners Abound!

Mario won another short story award! Yay, my man! First prize. I'll let you know more when I know more. He is on a roll. He writes a story a week and sends it out the same week he writes it. He also has several novels he's sending around to publishers. He is a dedicated man, and he's an inspiration. He just keeps on going!

And I got the nicest rejection from an editor yesterday. I'm not kidding. Mostly I only notice whether a rejection says yay or nay and I ignore the rest. In fact, I'm so bad about this that Mario generally reads my rejections to see if there's something important in the note, like, "if you add one sentence I'll buy this."

That actually happened.

Years ago, Mario read a rejection that I had tossed out, and he said, "Kim, he says if you add a sentence to the end, he'll buy it."

Oh. All right then.

Anyway this rejection I got yesterday was so long that I read it. (And I had Mario read it, too.) I figured if she had put that much effort and time into the letter, she must have thought a lot about the book. And she had. She had many nice things to say and she pinpointed one of the problems I'd been having with the book and proposed a solution. Yes!

So I'm going to read the book again with her notes in hand and see what I can do.

Fun stuff.

Happy Full Moon!

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