Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Some Whine With My Evening

I almost quit school before I began today. Geez. I have such a headache. First they couldn't find my financial aid info because they had my wrong social security number. Then they sent me information on scholarships that didn't even pertain to me, but I didn't figure that out right away. So there went a couple of hours. (They are all very nice, but I have a feeling I am already a pain in the ass to them.)

Then I signed up to all the stuff I had to sign up for online after I got my packet. I have THREE different accounts that I have to log on to. Which means I have to remember what all these three different accounts do, along with the passwords. Plus I have a new email account. My head is spinning. I'm not kidding.

I can get a loan for the whole thing, which I'm not going to do. I figure I'll get a loan for half, about $5,000. I looked at the interest on this low-interest loan. If I take as long as they say I can take, I'd be paying almost $2,000 in interest! Geez freaking Louise. How do people do this? We have a couple thousand dollars in stocks from ten years ago. It started out as three thousand. I think we did that when I sold a novel. Unfortunately with all the crashes, we lost a lot of it, especially if you count we never got any interest on it. Anyway, we'll cash that out and take out the loan and we should be all right. I'm very grateful I can even think of doing this. But right now I'm exhausted.

Did I mention I have a headache? On top of that, the registration process wasn't pretty. You can't just look at a list of the classes, click on them, and register. You have to search for them and the search process is not good. Why doesn't everyone just follow google on this? I searched for the classes I wanted for an hour. AND I'M ONLY TAKING TWO OF THEM. It kept coming up saying the classes didn't exist even though I knew they did. I was in tears. Man, if I can't do this stuff, maybe I can't do the other stuff. I really don't like being on a computer for this long. I want to do some ecological planning and design on this registration process.

And I didn't get any writing done today.

Oh my. This must be the dullest post you've ever read by me. Thank you for letting me vent.

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