Monday, June 7, 2010

Recovery & Love

Mario put his arms around me for the first time in a week. Yay! He went to the physical therapist today and then we came home and did the exercises. Well, he did them. I cheered him on. (It's so difficult to see him in pain. Just breaks my heart. So I went to the acupuncturist so that I wouldn't break my heart.) The exercises are really helping. As I said, he could put his arms around me without being in pain. Good for both of us.

And I fell in love with a chair tonight. Yep. I'm ready to buy it wine and bring it flowers. Man. We were looking for ergonomic furniture for Mario, and he mentioned Herman Miller's chairs. We went to the website and found the Embody chair. OMG. Yes, I just typed OMG.

It's beautiful. It's ergonomically correct. They use recycled material. It's environmentally cool. And it's beautiful. (Yes, I said that twice.) It's way expensive, but I still want to date it. That's what good design can do.

Also, I got into school. Yay! I start in July. Now I'll rustle up some money. I'm also going to take a class here in Portland on architectural drawing. A good thing to have to help me with my ecological planning and design courses.

All right. More tomorrow, I hope. I want to get back to writing. Not that I've been a slacker. I revised The Blue Tail this weekend and sent it out again.

Let's keep on movin'!


Will Shetterly said...

Mario hasn't been able to use his arms for a week? Dear God! Tell him we're hoping the best for him. Do you mind sharing the diagnosis? Has been able to write during this time?

Kim Antieau said...

He could use his right but not his left. Well, he could use it but he couldn't raise his arm. They say it's rotator cuff and frozen shoulder. I think it's stress, working too hard, plus it's been raining here since we got back from AZ, so we haven't been able to get outside. It's still raining, but at least it's warmer so we can walk outside! :-D We really need to be someplace where we can get more exercise.

Will Shetterly said...

It's 107, so I don't think you need to be envious of us down here.

Stress is awful. I hope that'll pass.

Continuing to think good thoughts for you both!

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